The original 'Star Wars: Clone Wars' and 'Ewoks' are coming to Disney+

Disney is filling the Star Wars back catalog.

Lucasfilm/Cartoon Network/WarnerMedia

Disney+ is venturing deep into the back catalog of Star Wars TV shows to fill out its collection. It's adding the original Star Wars: Clone Wars cartoon series (from 2003) and Star Wars: Ewoks to its streaming library on April 2nd. There's no mention of Star Wars: Droids, alas, but this still gives you a glimpse at very different takes on Lucasfilm's space fantasy.

As Comicbook notes, Clone Wars is no longer canon (The Clone Wars from 2008 effectively took its place) but might still be worth a look. The 2003 animated series portrayed the war as a classic serial, complete with elaborate action sequences and a distinctive art style. It originally broadcast on Cartoon Network as a string of short episodes ranging from three to 12 minutes long, and was only stitched together for longer episodes for the DVD release. This is the first time you've had a (legal) chance to watch Clone Wars since it appeared on disc.

Ewoks, meanwhile, is more for those who grew up watching Saturday morning cartoons. The Nelvana-made '80s series followed Wicket and friends on Endor before the events of A New Hope. It's clearly dated and only lasted two seasons, but it (along with Droids) served as an introduction to the Star Wars universe for a generation of kids — it might be worth watching if you have young enthusiasts or just want to see one of the earliest expansions beyond the movies.

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