'Starfield' hits Xbox Series X/S and PC on November 11th, 2022

Sorry, PlayStation fans.

Bethesda / Microsoft

Starfield, Bethesda's new sci-fi RPG, will come out on November 11th, 2022. The release date came early courtesy of an eleventh hour leak spotted by Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier ahead of Microsoft's E3 2021 keynote. The Washington Post uploaded the game's trailer to its website before its official reveal. Microsoft then led off its keynote with the game's cinematic trailer, confirming the release date and platform availability. The Washington Post also uploaded a making of video that details Bethesda's vision for Starfield. Between the two videos, we get a pretty good feel for the game.

In Starfield, you'll be a part of a organization called Constellation, "the last group of space explorers," according to Bethesda's Todd Howard, who narrates the second clip. "It's a next-generation role-playing game where you'll be who you want, go where you want, experience our stories and forge your own," he said. In other words, it sounds like your classic Bethesda title, only this time it's set in space.

And if there were any remaining doubts, Starfield settles once and for all the matter of Bethesda exclusivity following Microsoft's purchase of the studio's parent company, ZeniMax Media. It's coming only to Xbox Series X/S and PC, and will be available on Game Pass day one.