Strava finally gets Spotify controls

The partnership removes the need to switch between apps.


Strava has announced a partnership with Spotify to integrate listening controls directly onto its app. Before, anyone recording on the fitness tracker had to switch to the Spotify app — arguably not too big a hassle, but time consuming nonetheless.

Once a Strava user confirms they want to stream Spotify on the app, a little widget for it will appear in the bottom left of the recording screen. Clicking it brings a popup over the map to provide options to pause or switch whatever's being listened to.

Four phones show the integration of Spotify on Strava's app.

Strava claims to have 100 million users worldwide, but, with Spotify's 500 million listeners (and many fitness tracker competitors on the market) the integration is a clear sign Strava wants to keep and grow its audience. Mateo Ortega, Strava's Vice President of Connected Partnerships emphasizes as much: "This new feature further solidifies Strava's position at the center of connected fitness and continues to demonstrate the power of the global community of active people on Strava."

Strava is also taking control of creating Spotify's "Workout" playlist from April 20th. What "Strava-curated sounds" look like is something we'll have to wait and see.

In the meantime, while both apps offer paid options, you can get away with trying out Spotify on Strava using the free versions of each.