Summer Game Fest's Geoff Keighley says to temper expectations for this week's showcase

The event will mainly feature fresh looks at previously announced games, but there should be some surprises.

JC Olivera via Getty Images

This year's Summer Game Fest showcase takes place on Thursday. It's an industry-wide event that will include reveals from a bunch of publishers and studios, but host and producer Geoff Keighley has urged fans not to set their hopes too high in terms of new game announcements.

“What I would say is that a lot of the games we’re going to show you are going to be [already] announced… games are going to show new content to you, like some of the ones I’ve mentioned,” Keighley said in a Twitter Spaces chat, according to VGC. “We’ve got a couple of new game announcements in the show and hopefully some surprises if everything holds. But it definitely is a show that’s primarily focused on stuff that is announced.” Keighley added that it might be best for fans to "definitely manage your expectations in terms of the megaton shocks that you’re expecting."

Still, there's a lot to look forward to. Keighley noted some of the games that will be featured. The stream will include the first full level playthrough of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and a gameplay demo for The Callisto Protocol (a survival horror game from Dead Space creator Glen Schofield's new studio). There will also be news on Gotham Knights and new footage from Cuphead expansion The Delicious Last Course.

Keighley said there will be looks at Xbox and Nintendo exclusives as well. However, he pointed out that Microsoft is likely hanging on to the biggest news for its own showcase, which takes place on Sunday. Nintendo, meanwhile, hasn't confirmed whether its next Direct will take place anytime soon.

The Summer Game Fest showcase will include some guests too, such as Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who recently started playing a character in Fortnite. Perhaps we'll learn more about the next video game movie he's working on. The event, meanwhile, is set to run for between 90 minutes and two hours.

Trying to manage expectations is a smart move on Keighley's part. Sony has been doing a similarly good job of keeping conjecture in check ahead of its State of Play streams. While there are always going to be some people who are disappointed by events like this, it's better to have lower expectations and be surprised than get too amped up and get deflated if you don't see a game that excites you.

That's not to say there won't be major reveals. It was at last year's edition of Summer Game Fest that fans got their first look at Elden Ring in two years, along with a release date (which was, inevitably, delayed by a few weeks).

Even if you feel like this year's Summer Game Fest showcase is a bust, there are more than a dozen other gaming events over the next week or so, even without E3 taking place. You're bound to find some games that interest you if you dig a little deeper.