T-Mobile resurrects Google Photos' unlimited storage, with a catch

You'll need to subscribe to both the carrier and a special Google One plan.

Pavlo Gonchar/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Do you miss Google Photos' unlimited storage? You now have a chance to get it back, but it will cost you. Droid Life notes T-Mobile is introducing an exclusive, $15 per month Google One plan that includes both 2TB of shareable space as well as unlimited "full resolution" photo and video storage. You can upload as many shots as you'd like from your phone without cutting into your allotments for Drive and Gmail.

The plan will be available starting April 26th. It includes all the perks of the $10 per month 2TB plan, including VPN access, advanced photo editing and extended trials for services like Stadia and YouTube Premium.

This offering won't be appealing to everyone when you'll have to tie yourself to two services. It's also expensive if you're only looking for the unlimited photo storage — $15 per month (plus any carrier switching costs) is a lot to pay if you didn't need the other benefits. If you don't see yourself leaving T-Mobile or Google any time soon, though, this may be a welcome blast of nostalgia.

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