Batters in the Home Run Derby will livestream using 5G helmet cameras

T-Mobile wants you to watch the competition as if you were on the field.

Daniel Shirey/MLB Photos via Getty Images

If you've ever wanted to see a pro baseball player's at-bat through their eyes, you're about to get your chance. T-Mobile is marketing its 5G network by equipping players at the 2021 Home Run Derby with 5G point-of-view cameras on their helmets, including the catchers' masks. Watch the live competition through a special T-Mobile website and you can witness both batting practice and the derby itself as if you were on the field, with 5G (hopefully) keeping everything in sync.

The event kicks off July 12th, starting with practice at 6:30PM Eastern and the derby itself at 8PM. The POV cameras are also coming alongside a new MLB AR mobile app to explore Coors Field in 3D and get detailed stats for each swing. People with 5G phones will also get extra stats like hang time and exit velocity, although this is clearly just an incentive to upgrade your device. You don't need 5G to get a few extra numbers.

The footage is 'only' in HD, and it's not clear which players will have 5G cameras. T-Mobile says they'll have three or four hat cameras during batting practice, and then they'll have two during the derby (one for the American League, one for the National League) in addition to a catcher camera. If all goes well, though, you'll see what it's like for stars like Shohei Ohtani when they knock one out of the park. Look at it this way — even if the cameras are limited, this is one of the few 5G tie-ins that's more than just a gimmick.