Tablo's Dual 128GB and Quad 1TB DVRs have plenty of storage built-in

You can also add additional storage to both devices.

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Igor Bonifacic
July 8, 2020 5:16 PM
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Tablo Dual 128GB and Quad 1TB

Nuvyyo is adding two new DVR models with built-in storage to its Tablo lineup. While they're not the first devices from the company to include onboard storage, they feature significantly more space than the 64GB Dual model the company announced in 2017. The Dual 128GB will set you back $170, but it can store approximately 80 hours of HD video. Meanwhile, with the more expensive $240 Quad 1TB, that number increases to 700 hours.

You can add up to 8TB of storage to both DVRs, but doing so is easier on the Dual 128GB. With that model, you can connect any compatible USB drive to the DVR and go from there. With the Quad 1TB, by contrast, you first need to remove the existing drive before connecting an external one or installing a replacement 2.5-inch SATA drive. In either case, 8TB of storage equates to about 166 straight days of HDTV content. 

Like Nuvyyo's other DVRs, the Dual 128GB and Quad 1TB support Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV and Chromecast, as well as Smart TVs with built-in streaming tech. You can also watch any content you record on iOS and Android devices, as well as Windows and Mac computers. Both DVRs come with a 30-day free trial to the company's Premium Service subscription, which grants access to its automatic ad-skipping feature. Besides additional storage, the Quad 1TB features a 4-tuner DVR, allowing you to record up to four live antenna TV channels at once. With the Dual, you can only record two channels simultaneously.  

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Both the Dual 128GB and Quad 1TB over-the-air DVRs are available to order today on Tablo’s website

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Tablo's Dual 128GB and Quad 1TB DVRs have plenty of storage built-in