Tablo launches more affordable over-the-air DVR with cloud storage

Store your TV shows online.

Nuvvyo's over-the-air Tablo DVRs are potentially big bargains if you want the convenience of recording shows without a pricey cable package, but the up front cost (dictated in part by the built-in storage) can make them daunting. The company has a simple solution to that: release a DVR that lets you pick your own drive. Its newly launched Tablo Dual Lite includes the same dual-tuner recording as before, but ditches the 64GB of built-in storage in favor of a lower $140 price (down from $220) that lets you get only the USB drive you want. And importantly, that local storage will soon be optional.

The company has simultaneously introduced a beta Cloud DVR service that uploads video in an account that only your DVR can access. You'll eventually have to pay for it, but testers will get 40GB of online storage (about 16 hours of HD) for free. While this could get expensive if you're determined to archive every episode of a favorite series, it'll ensure that your recordings won't be lost to a hardware glitch.