• How To: Consolize an arcade game

    Benjamin Heckendorn
    Benjamin Heckendorn

    Every so often, that console-modding Benjamin Heckendorn wanders away from his lair at to share some interesting projects with Engadget. If you're like us, you probably have many fond memories of playing arcade games in your younger days. As the years passed the consoles became the most advanced machines available and arcades faded from the limelight, eventually popping up only as the occasional deer-slaying simulator or 500th version of Golden Tee.In this How-To we're going to describe the method by which you can take old arcade motherboards, easily attainable on eBay, and "consolize" them for use with a standard TV and controllers. Many people are satisfied with emulators such as MAME, and while they're become better and even more legal (thanks to the recent "abandonware" legislation) you still can't beat the real deal. Certain arcade machines, such as the Neo-Geo, are great choices for this project because you can actually plug new games into the hardware using the cheap and plentiful "MVS Cartridges."Another benefit of this project is that it can start you on the path to building one of the coolest home accessories around -- your own arcade machine! Since you can use a cheap standard TV instead of an expensive RGB arcade monitor it'll cut much of the cost out.Alright, let's get started on this puppy!