• Brinno TLC200 Pro captures time lapse HDR images, sports interchangeable lenses

    Terrence O'Brien
    Terrence O'Brien

    A dedicated time lapse camera is about as niche as a piece photo gear gets. But, we'll say this about Brinno's latest offering, it captures some pretty stunning clips. The TLC200 Pro is supposedly the world's first such device that captures these dramatic clips in HDR. The 1.3 megapixel sensor weighs in at a healthy 1/3-inch, which means the pixels are much larger than your average sensor -- in fact, they're more than twice the size of those found in the HTC One UltraPixel shooter. The built-in lens sports an aperture of f/2.0 and a 112-degree wide angle field of view. But you can also slap on one of the available interchangeable lenses to alter that to your liking. About the only thing we could find to complain about (besides its limited functionality) is the fact that it captures video at only 720p. Unfortunately there's no word on price yet, though we're sure it'll be a bit more than the non-Pro version of the TLC200, which will set you back $300. If you're curious, there's a whole host of sample footage after the break.