• Windows 8 to feature drastically reduced boot time, shown off in video

    Richard Lai
    Richard Lai

    Watch the above video closely, because you might just miss the moment: according to the latest post on MSDN's Building Windows 8 blog, Microsoft's next-gen desktop OS will see a hugely improved boot time thanks to a clever technique. Rather than closing both the user session and the kernel session like in a traditional shutdown, Windows 8 will preserve the kernel session on the disk, thus creating a "hiberfile" that's much smaller than that of the usual Windows hibernation -- see the diagram after the break for a clearer idea. The result? An amazingly fast system bootup -- even with the battery removed to begin with -- that claims to be 30 to 70 percent faster than most systems tested by Microsoft. We're itching to test this feature on an SSD ourselves, but until then, you can head over to MSDN's blog for the full technical explanation.