• Rumored Intel roadmap names next Atom "Medfield"

    Laura June Dziuban
    Laura June Dziuban

    Rumors are swirling about Intel's roadmap of forthcoming netbook and handheld processors, which apparently showed up in a recent report by UBS. The roadmap seems to confirm the previously seen Pineview, and codenames its successor "Medfield," which is to be built on 32-nanometer process technology. Pineview, after some speculation, seems to have been nailed down as a 45-nanometer chip, and will be released in 2009, while Medfield, a complete system-on-chip, will follow in 2010. Medfield will have two variants, one for netbooks rumored to use the current integrated GPU, and one for MIDs, which is said to carry a PowerVR graphics core like the one used in the iPhone. Intel has apparently confirmed the codename "Medfield," but, when questioned, wouldn't answer to allegations that the person who'd come up with the moniker had been fired on grounds of being the least creative namer in the history of naming. [Via Tech Digest]Read - Medfield is the next AtomRead - Intel's 32 nm Atom roadmapped