• Portugal wins virtual World Cup

    Ross Miller
    Ross Miller

    With Portugal facing off against France at 3:00 p.m. EST today, they can at least hit the field knowing their virtual counterparts went all the way. A team from Portugal took the gold in the Xbox Cup, an online tournament using 2006 Fifa World Cup as the medium. The team faced off against Mexico a few hours prior to the England-Portugal match that ended with Portugal's victory in a 3-1 penalty shootout. In the virtual World Cup, Portugal beat Mexico 2-1. Ironically, Germany had been eliminated by Mexico in extra time, similar to its final defeat in the actual World Cup. Peter Moore presented the trophy to the team, 28-year-old Miguel Angelo Dinis and 21-year-old Antonio Luis Ferreira Gomes. While on hand, Moore also gave props to his console of choice, opining that "seeing the matches being played out on the Xbox 360 has been nearly as good as watching a real football match!" Mr. Moore, I think you need a corroborator on that one, so feel free to fly me to Germany for the final two games of the 2006 World Cup.