• Motorola Cliq gets rooted by the Dude

    Tim Stevens
    Tim Stevens

    Sick of Motorola meting out Android firmware updates when it chooses? Trust in The Dude -- TheDudesAndroid, to be specific, a user over at ModMyMoto who has posted The Dudes Root for Cliq (following up an earlier and similarly unkempt version for the G1). The install process looks about as complicated as you might expect, so make sure you keep Walter away while you're re-flashing lest your handset go all nihilistic on ya. At this point it's just another 1.5 ROM being installed, but the hope is for a 2.1 port coming in the not too distant future. Unless you're really pining to get full control over your handset we'd go ahead and wait for that version of the Dude to abide. Update: The Dude mentioned in comments that credit is also due to fellow Android magicians danation, Skilrax_CZ, and others. We can't think of any funny movie references for those names so we'll just leave it at that. [Thanks to everyone who sent this in]