• LaCie Rugged: Successor to the Pocket Drive?

    Dave Caolo
    Dave Caolo

    First and foremost: I love LaCie Drives. From the bad boys we use at work to the beige, external SCSI boxes I have connected to my ancient Macs, they just run and run. For the longest time, my favorite general use LaCie external has been the recently discontinued Pocket Drive. It was very small, came in sizes up to 80GB and featured a dual interface (FW 400 and USB). Best of all, its edges were wrapped in a very durable layer of rubber that made it possible to just toss it into a bag, backpack or what have you without worry. I loved it, then it disappeared.Last week, LaCie announced the Rugged Drive, and it looks like it could fill the hole that the Pocket Drive left in my geeky heart. This "all-terrain" drive features a bus-powered triple interface, storage capacity up to 120GB and a durable rubber edging that takes the stress out of transportation. I want one.LaCie is currently taking pre-orders (shipping is scheduled for February of 2006) at the following configurations: $169.99US for 80GB (USB 2.0), $329.99US for 120GB (USB 2.0), $199.99US for 80GB (triple interface), $399.99US for 100GB (triple interface) and $359.99US for 120GB (triple interface).[Via MacNN]