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  • Nintendo thing brighter than Sony thing

    Ludwig Kietzmann
    Ludwig Kietzmann

    While many a gamer has visibly drooled at the PSP's magnificently bright screen (no doubt displaying the word "loading" in some form or another), its salivatory reign of illumination has seemingly come to an end. Photographic evidence indicates that the Lite's highest setting beams out a brighter image than even Sony's impressively lit beauty. To be fair, we're not sure what brightness the PSP is set at, though with the lack of an AC cord, it's safe to say it's not the highest one.Rumors have it at that the PSP won't be taking this defeat litely (sorry) and will, with its next iteration, simply replace the screen with a large retina-wrecking fluorescent lightbulb. [Via VideoGamesBlogger. Thanks Princess Zelda! Please return my ocarina.]