• Ricoh Caplio R4 superzoom compact reviewed

    Evan Blass
    Evan Blass

    Of course the first thing you notice about the Ricoh Caplio R4 six megapixel compact is how freakin' huge that lens is -- and luckily, at least according to Digital-Lifestyles, it knows how to use it. Equally impressive at both zoom extremes, the 28-200mm equivalent, 7.1x barrel of a lens includes handy features such as optical stabilization for negating hand shake on tight shots, and even an on-screen cursor for manually selecting the focus area in macro mode. Other nice touches include a skew-correction feature that adjusts non-level shots and and histogram function for technical types, but some issues with picture quality -- most notably visible banding in a few shots and significant noise at higher ISOs -- earned this model a good-but-not-great 84%. Still, the Ricoh definitely gets a thumbs up from D-L, and the sub-$450 pricetag won't break the bank.