The Tamagotchi Pix lets you take digital pet selfies

It introduces a small dose of augmented reality.

Bandai America

A few years ago, the Tamagotchi On brought the original digital pet obsession into the modern age, with a colorful screen and much more interactivity. Now, it's getting a camera. The $60 Tamagotchi Pix, announced today, lets you take photos of yourself and other real-world elements. Afterwards, you can paste your little buddy right into the tableau. Bandai America also says you can find up to 100 Tamagotchi buddies as you explore the world, which may inspire a bit of Pokemon Go-esque obsession.

Among other changes, the Tamagotchi Pix also features touch buttons, instead of physical clickers. The camera also lets you capture colors from the real world, which you can use to influence the food you cook for your little friend. But of course, you can also just order delivery for your pet, like most of us are doing in 2021. Your photos will also shape your pet's future career, which they'll adopt when they return to their home planet. (Is that where all your failed Tamagotchi go?)

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