Bethesda reveals gameplay for its 'Ghostwire: Tokyo' supernatural thriller

Battle invading spirits for the soul of a city.


Back in June of 2019, just before the world imploded, game development studio Tango Gameworks teased E3 attendees with its upcoming PS5 title, Ghostwire: Tokyo. During Sony’s PS5 preview event on Wednesday, the world got a second look at the title as well as just a bit of its gameplay.

From what we already know, the protagonist is charged with unravelling the mystery surrounding a series of mysterious, Rapture-like disappearances. “After a devastating occult event leads to the disappearance of 99 percent of the city’s population, only you stand between the loss of this great city and its salvation,” Tango wrote in a recent Sony blog. “After the vanishing, a strange encounter causes your own supernatural abilities to take shape.”

While playing this first person adventure title, you won’t be armed with conventional weapons but rather a host of upgradeable psychic and paranormal abilities. Use them to stalk and defeat the horde of otherworldly spirits invading the city.

“We’re particularly excited by the possibility of players experiencing our modern, yet Visitor-filled city with 3D sound,” Kenji Kimura, Game Director on Ghostwire: Tokyo, said in the blog. “This version of Tokyo is not a version you’ve ever seen or heard before. In Ghostwire: Tokyo, you’ll hear and encounter sounds that you normally would not hear in the city in real life. Our hope is that with the 3D sound, you will feel compelled to seek out and identify what is causing those sounds you hear.”

Ghostwire: Tokyo is expected to arrive in 2021 on the PS5