TCL's first laptop is the $349 Book 14 Go

The budget 14.1-inch Windows 11 notebook is powered by a Snapdragon 7c chip.


TCL, which is mostly known for its TVs and other electronics, has launched its very first laptop called the Book 14 Go. It's a 14.1-inch Windows 11 laptop that's powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip, with a 12-hour battery life and 4G LTE connectivity. While Snapdragon laptops are traditionally on the pricier side, the Book 14 Go will only set you back $349 when it launches in select regions in the second quarter.

The company was likely able to keep its price down, in part because it's powered by Qualcomm's affordable Snapdragon 7c platform meant for use with entry-level PCs and Chromebooks. Snapdragon 7c enables both LTE connectivity and lengthy battery life for laptops meant to be always switched on. TCL designed the Book 14 Go to be portable, with a depth of 13.95 mm and a body that weighs 2.9 pounds.

In addition to its first laptop, TCL has also announced its new NXTPAPER tablet, the 10s. The NXTPAPER 10s features the brand's full color paper-like display technology, which is a low-power reflective LCD that doesn't need backlighting. It has an anti-glare finish that allows you see what's playing from any angle and reduces blue light by over 50 percent. TCL says the display's attributes make looking at the screen more comfortable, thereby making it ideal for studying and for taking notes with its accompanying T Pen stylus. The NXTPAPER 10s will initially be available later this month in Europe and China for $249.


TCL will also release a pair of budget tablets, the $129 TAB 8 4G and the $99 TAB 10L, in the first quarter. If you're looking for even cheaper tablets for kids, it will release the $89 MINI, $149 MID and $119 MAX tablets in the same quarter for select markets, as well. All new tablets will come with support for the TCL Kids service that's launching in the second quarter to give subscribers access to a child-friendly library of educational and entertainment videos, storybooks and apps for $4 a month. TCL will also roll out Kids service support for the Book 14 Go laptop "soon."