Tesla cuts Full Self-Driving upgrade price by $1,000 for some customers

Everyone else will still pay a steep price.

Tesla might have hiked the price of Full Self-Driving for many customers, but others are getting a break. Electrek has discovered that Tesla quietly cut the price of a Full Self-Driving upgrade to $5,000, a $1,000 drop, for customers who bought Enhanced Autopilot. That’s still not a trivial purchase, but it might be easier to justify if you’re pining for Navigate on Autopilot, Autopark and other FSD perks.

The company hasn’t explained the decision and isn’t expected to respond to requests for comment after reportedly dissolving its PR department.

FSD is still expensive for many customers at $10,000 for both new buyers and many after-the-fact upgrades. Still, this might be an acknowledgment that some drivers see the package as too costly, particularly when it remains in beta and can’t yet fulfill dreams of true autonomous driving.