Tesla starts delivering refreshed Model X to customers

Good luck trying to order a new one.


Tesla delivered its redesigned Tesla Model S interior in early 2021, and now Model X buyers are finally getting their turn. Electrek and TMC forum member Sunnyvaletree report that Tesla has started delivering the revised Model X to customers, holding at least one event to mark the occasion. As you might guess, this effectively drags the electric crossover into the modern era with a landscape touchscreen display up front, a smaller display in the back and overall interior quality improvements that are more befitting a nearly $94,000 vehicle.

The EVs at the event were six-seaters, although it's not clear if that's the only configuration shipping first. There appear to be Model X Plaid units driving near Tesla's Fremont factory.

The deliveries are good news for buyers who've wanted the space and luxury of the Model X over the 'frugal' Model Y. However, they also underscore the effect of chip shortages on Tesla's production. On top of the late arrivals for early adopters, new shoppers will face very lengthy delays. Order a Model X Plaid as of this writing and you'll have to wait until July 2022; spring for the lower-cost Long Range variant and you'll wait until September 2022. It could be a long, long while before you can simply buy the current Model X design and expect to receive it in a timely fashion.