Radio Flyer's $100 Tesla Model Y is powered by kids' feet

My First Model Y is $400 cheaper than Radio Flyer's last mini Tesla.

Radio Flyer

A few years ago Radio Flyer teamed up with Tesla to create a kids’ version of the Tesla Model S. That drivable mini electric sedan packs a lithium-ion battery and costs $500. Now, the companies are releasing a Tesla Model Y for kids. This mini whip is a ride-on, so kids will have to scoot it themselves (there’s no electrification here), but it costs just $100.

Radio Flyer's My First Model Y Tesla
Radio Flyer

The company says kids as young as one and a half can ride the Tesla toy, dubbed “My First Model Y.” Most will outgrow it by the time they’re about four years old, when they might graduate to the Tesla Model S For Kids. My First Model Y comes with an ergonomic seat, functioning horn and “authentic” Model Y details.

Meanwhile, Tesla is reportedly working to lower the price of its Model Y electric crossover, so parents may be able to afford their first Model Y soon, too.