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The Apple Watch SE drops to a record low of $189 in an Amazon Black Friday deal

Get the latest Apple Watch SE for $60 off while you still can.


There’s never been a better time to buy the Apple Watch SE, which has dipped to a record low price on Amazon in a Black Friday deal. The 40mm second-generation Apple Watch SE (GPS model), released in 2022, is $60 off from its usual price of $249 — making it just $189 right now. That’s the lowest price we’ve seen it hit yet, even cheaper than the former all time low of $200.

Despite being Apple’s more budget-friendly smartwatch, the Apple Watch SE (2nd gen) is an impressive device that has a lot to offer even when compared to the premium models. We gave it a review score of 89. It doesn’t come with an Always On Display or skin temperature sensor, but it excels in workout tracking, performing just as well as the more expensive Series 8. The only drawback is, you’ll have to lift your wrist with purpose to wake up the screen and check your progress.

It sports the same tried-and-true Apple Watch design with a rounded square face, and, being lighter than some other options at just 26.4 grams, it’s comfortable to wear. Where it does differ significantly from the pricier models is in battery life. The Apple Watch SE will get you through the day with normal activity, but don’t expect to wake up the next morning with anything left over. You’ll more than likely need to pop it onto the charger by the end of each night.

At just $250 normally, though, it’s already the best smartwatch you can get for its price. If you were on the fence before, now is the best time to grab an Apple Watch SE while it’s cheaper than ever.

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