The ChatGPT app is now available for Android

You can talk to the AI without visiting OpenAI's website.


OpenAI was true to its word. As promised, the company has released a ChatGPT app for Android. Like the iOS version, you can talk to the generative AI to get advice, answers and other (hopefully) helpful responses. You can make voice requests using OpenAI's in-house speech recognition, sync your chat history across devices and export data — you'll mainly miss out on plugins.

ChatGPT Plus subscribers can also switch between standard (GPT-3.5) and GPT-4 language models at will. Regardless of the tier you're using, you'll need at least Android 6.0 to use the app.

The app could make ChatGPT more accessible, particularly in countries where Android dominates or PCs are less common. The software has been available for iPhone users since May, and was updated with iPad support afterward.

As with Bing Chat (based on GPT-4), Bard and other conversational AI systems, you won't want to completely rely on the results. The technology is prone to "hallucinations" that can lead to false claims, poor contextual logic and other output that isn't trustworthy. ChatGPT is sometimes more useful as a starting point for a task than obtaining definitive answers, and can help with creative duties where accuracy isn't as essential.

OpenAI helped popularize generative AI through tools like ChatGPT, but it also led to pushback from the industry as well as political attention. Experts are concerned technologies like this might take control or promote misinformation, and OpenAI itself is hoping to mitigate the risks of intelligent AI. American actors are on strike in part over worries studios might use AI to stiff them on pay. Politicians, meanwhile, are pressing for responsible development and possible regulation.

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