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The Google Pixel 8 is $230 off and down to a new record-low price

It's one of our picks for best smartphones for 2024.


There's good news for anyone looking to upgrade their phone as the Google Pixel 8 is currently down to a record-low price. Woot is running a 33 percent discount on the new Google Pixel 8 — one of our picks for 2024's best smartphones — dropping its cost to $470 from $700. The sale is on for the next five days or until the smartphone sells out.

It's currently 33 percent off. 

$470 at Woot

The new Google Pixel 8 launched last October and scored a 90 in our review due to features like its Tensor G3 chip. Google claims the chip allows the Pixel 8 to support more text and natural voice recognition. Plus, the company boasts that the G3 chip has twice the number of machine learning models as the G1 in the Pixel 6. This strength is more important than ever with AI's growth and the recent launch of Magic Editor, a content-aware fill and lasso hybrid.

Externally, the Google Pixel 8 looks a little different. The screen has shrunk a tad to 6.2 inches from 6.3 inches screen on the Pixel 7 — a small but noticeable change. Also visible on the smartphone are a 50MP primary camera and a 12MP ultra-wide camera.

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