The Morning After: AMD and Samsung will bring ray-tracing graphics to smartphones

And SpaceX could have a busy 2022.


SpaceX's first ocean spaceport for its Starship launch could be ready to send spacecraft into space as soon as next year, according to company chief Elon Musk. The spaceport, Deimos, is still under construction at the Port of Brownsville in Texas, and a render of the structure posted by a fan prompted Musk’s comments on Twitter. Of course, on Twitter.


The SpaceX boss has a reputation for overenthusiastic estimates for projects, which has caused trouble in the past for Tesla. At least SpaceX has a storied history of testing rocket recovery on water. Launches, however, are an entirely different challenge.

— Mat Smith

AMD and Samsung are collaborating on Exynos mobile chips capable of ray-tracing

The next-gen GPU will feature RDNA 2 graphics.

While most of the AMD news from Computex dropped yesterday, this nugget breezed through in both the company’s keynote and accompanying press release. It could be an interesting one, however. AMD revealed that a future Exynos system-on-chip will feature RDNA 2 graphics technology, capable of supporting ray-tracing and variable rate shading.

“The next place you’ll find RDNA 2 will be the high-performance mobile phone market,” AMD CEO Lisa Su said on stage at Computex Taipei. Expect to hear more from Samsung later this year. Continue reading.

The best Father's Day tech gift ideas

Even if the budget is $50.

The Morning After

In case you forgot, Father’s Day approaches. And if you haven’t gotten around to getting something for Dad, Engadget’s guide touches on several gift ideas, from quality headphones to wearables, books and even a smart oven. And if your budget is tighter, don’t worry — we’ve got you covered with a standalone $50-or-less guide. Continue reading.

The next ‘Battlefield’ game will be revealed on June 9th

EA’s "internal" trailer leaked last month.

EA and Dice will share a first look at the next Battlefield game on June 9th. The reveal is slated to start at 10 AM ET next Wednesday. A supposedly internal trailer of the upcoming game leaked late last month. Besides that, we know the game will hit both current and last-gen consoles and arrive in time for the holidays. Continue reading.

Amazon Prime Day kicks off on June 21st

The least exclusive members-only shopping event is back.

Amazon has officially announced the dates for Prime Day 2021: The event will begin at 12 AM PT on Monday, June 21st and conclude at 11:59 PM PT on Tuesday, June 22nd. Yep, like last year, Prime Day will be a 48-hour event, but unlike in 2020, this year's Prime Day will not signify the start of the holiday shopping season.

You won’t have to scrutinize everything yourself, though: We will be covering Amazon Prime Day 2021, to bring you all the best tech deals. Our pro tip? Follow Engadget’s Deals Twitter account for real-time deal updates throughout Prime Day. Continue reading.

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