The Morning After: Apple may have hired a longtime Ford exec for its car project

Maybe it's still happening.

Gonzalo Fuentes / reuters

I thought Apple’s car project had gone a little quiet, but it’s still a thing, according to Bloomberg.

The company has reportedly hired a longtime Ford engineer and executive to work on its car thought experiment, once called Project Titan. Desi Ujkashevic had been with the automaker since 1991 and was Ford's global director of automotive safety engineering.

Naturally, that means we’ve chewed over her work history and LinkedIn page, noting she’s worked on Ford's electric vehicles and regulatory issues — expertise Apple will love.

There have been rumors about Apple’s work on autonomous vehicles since 2015, but there have been more setbacks than announcements. Doug Field, who apparently led Project Titan, left Apple to rejoin Ford last September. Are they just swapping execs?

— Mat Smith


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