The Morning After: Apple Watch ‘Pro’ could feature a bigger screen and bigger battery

The first hardware redesign since 2018.

Mat Smith/Engadget

We’re already in the run-up to Apple’s next hardware showcase, likely centered on its phones and wearables. This could include a shake-up for the Apple Watch — the first since the Series 4 watch back in 2018. The high-end variant of the Apple Watch Series 8 may feature the largest display Apple has ever crammed into its smartwatches, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.

With a bigger battery and Apple’s long-rumored Low Power Mode, the Watch ‘Pro’, Gurman also says, could go multiple days on a single charge. Which is kind of the dream for Apple wearables, at least for me.

Rumors suggest Apple is teeing up a lot of new hardware for the fall. Beyond new phones and wearables, we could see refreshed iPads and next-gen HomePods, possibly with screens.

— Mat Smith

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