The Morning After: Tinder’s latest update lets your family play virtual matchmaker

The family that dates together, fights together.


Tinder’s new feature is a new nightmare to me. Tinder Matchmaker allows users’ family and friends to recommend potential matches. Wannabe matchmakers do not need a Tinder profile to view or suggest possible pairings, so anyone you know could help you find the one. Or at least... another one.

The Tinder user will need to launch a “Tinder Matchmaker session” either from a profile card or within the app’s settings. You can share a unique link with up to 15 individuals in a 24-hour period. Once a matchmaker gets a link, they can log into Tinder or continue as a guest to swipe away. Don’t worry: They can't send messages or actually swipe right on the profiles.

Both Hinge and Bumble have already tried matchmaking, although the former’s attempts didn’t last – the dedicated Hinge matchmaking app is no longer available.

– Mat Smith

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Watch Netflix's Squid Game: The Challenge trailer

The reality show will stream next month.


Netflix has dropped a trailer for the upcoming reality series Squid Game: The Challenge. It all kicks off with 456 contestants competing for the $4.56 million prize in events and games repackaged (minus the blood-spraying violence) from the hit scripted series. A fictional critique of modern capitalism’s exploitation of the financially desperate made into a reality TV spectacle that exploits the financially desperate? Yes. But watch the trailer.

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Amazon’s Fallout series finally has a release date

It begins streaming on April 12, 2024.

Amazon Prime Video / Instagram

Amazon announced Monday that its Fallout TV series will premiere on April 12, 2024 on Prime Video. The short teaser video was even styled like a Pip-Boy interface from the storied game franchise. The live-action series, from Westworld creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, will have an original (canonical) story set in the Fallout gaming universe. It will take place in 2077, beginning in Vault 33 in Los Angeles. As fans of the game know, it’s set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland following the events of “The Great War” on October 23, 2077, making yesterday the perfect day to announce the show.

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Department of Justice expands its Tesla probe

It’s looking to include EV driving range figures.

The Department of Justice has expanded its investigation into Tesla. In an SEC filing, the company said the agency issued subpoenas for information related to "personal benefits, related parties, vehicle range and personnel decisions." According to Reuters and Consumer Reports, Tesla vehicles didn't hit the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) range estimates in road tests. Its vehicles have already been penalized in other countries for failing to disclose that its EVs have shorter ranges in low temperatures, and the company reportedly formed a special team that sought to quash complaints about the distance its cars can travel on a single charge.

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