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The Nintendo Switch OLED is $35 off at Woot

That brings the console down to $315 at the Amazon subsidiary.

Kris Naudus / Engadget

Amazon's Prime Big Deal Days event included many discounts on Nintendo Switch games and accessories, but one thing we didn't see on sale was the console itself. Now, though, Amazon subsidiary Woot has rolled out a new deal that brings the Nintendo Switch OLED down to $315. That's $35 off Nintendo's list price. While this isn't the largest price drop we've ever seen, discounts on Switch consoles are relatively uncommon, so any opportunity to save is usually a good one. Woot says the offer applies to both the White and Neon Blue & Red versions of the console, and that it'll run for nine days or (more likely) until the consoles sell out. If you're an Amazon Prime member, you'll get free shipping.

Photo by Kris Naudus / Engadget

This is a $35 discount on Nintendo's top-end Switch console. Unlike many Woot deals, it applies to the device in new condition, not a refurbished model.

$315 at Woot

We gave the Switch OLED a review score of 89 when it arrived in late 2021. As a refresher, it's the highest-end model in the Switch lineup, with a 7-inch OLED display that's larger, brighter and more vibrant than the panels on the original Switch or Switch Lite (both of which remain available at lower prices). Despite the bigger screen, the machine itself is virtually identical in size to the standard model.

Beyond that, the Switch OLED has a larger and far less flimsy kickstand around the back, and its built-in speakers are generally louder and clearer. Its included dock is a bit more convenient, as it features a LAN port and an easily removable back plate. There's also double the internal storage at 64GB, though you'll pretty much need a microSD card either way. All that said, there's no difference in actual performance between the three consoles, and Nintendo rates the OLED and standard models with the same 4.5 to nine hours of battery life.

The big caveat to this or any other Switch deal right now is that the console seems very likely to be nearing the end of its cycle. The original device arrived nearly seven years ago, and a follow-up is widely expected to arrive sometime in 2024. A recent Eurogamer report, for one, said that Nintendo demoed a potential "Switch 2" for game developers during the Gamescom trade fair in August. So if you aren't itching to play anything on the Switch today, it seems safe to wait.

However, the Switch is still home to a tremendous library of games, with promising titles like Super Mario Bros. Wonder and the Super Mario RPG remake still on the way. (Yours truly is currently obsessed with F-Zero 99, another recent release.) For now, the Switch OLED is the best way to enjoy all of them, so this is a nice chance to save if you've wanted to catch up.

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