'The Wolf Among Us 2' arrives in 2023

Ten years after the original.

Telltale Games/AdHoc Studio

The Wolf Among Us 2 finally has a release window. The revived Telltale Games team has announced that its long-in-the-making sequel will be available sometime in 2023. There's a new trailer to match, and this clip sheds more light on where this precursor to Bill Willingham's Fables is headed.

The trailer intersperses Fabletown sheriff Bigby Wolf's explanations of his methods in an AA-style meeting with a bust against Dorothy's companions from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Suffice it to say the fusion of a gritty, modern world with mythical characters is as strange yet seamless as ever — Wolf is still a hardened yet fantastical beast, and his targets aren't exactly the innocent creatures you remember from Oz. The Wolf Among Us 2 is set six months after the first season, and promises plenty of drama when a new case gets the NYPD involved.

The sequel should arrive roughly a decade after the original Wolf Among Us premiered in 2013, and reflects a troubled birthing process that included Telltale dissolving in 2018 (thus cancelling WAU season two) and getting a second chance from LCG Entertainment in 2019. It's also symbolic of the development team's return to form — Telltale itself is building an adaptation of The Expanse, while former Telltale staffers at Dramatic Labs are working on Star Trek: Resurgence. Telltale as you first knew it is long gone, but it may still have an outsized effect on the gaming industry.