Thrustmaster unveils official Airbus gear ahead of ‘Flight Simulator’ release

The new TCA line includes replica Airbus controls.


In anticipation of Microsoft’s new Flight Simulator, Thrustmaster has unveiled “licensed by Airbus” gear that’s perfect for proper plane geeks. The new brand, TCA or Thrustmaster Civil Aviation, includes a modular sidestick, dual thrust lever throttle with add-on modules, an Officer bundle pack and new metal desk clamp. It’s meant to provide an even more life-like experience for civil aviation simulators like X-Plane 11 and Flight Simulator.

The flagship product is the TCA Sidestick Airbus Edition, a PC joystick and ergonomic replica of the Airbus sidestick (A320/A320neo type, 1:1 scale). The modular design includes 12 remappable buttons. The built-in throttle axis includes a thrust reverser function, a unique feature of real aircraft, and users can rotate the handle to control the rudder. The sidestick will cost $69.99 (£64.99 / €69.99) and be available beginning June 25th.

Thrustmaster is also releasing the TCA Quadrant Airbus Edition which replicates Airbus throttle controls (A320neo type). That will arrive in September and cost $99.99 ((£89.99 / €99.99). Users who want both the TCA Sidestick and TCA Quadrant can opt for the TCA Officer Pack Airbus Edition bundle, available in September for $159.99 (£149.99 / €159.99). And if you’re going all out, you might as well throw in the TM Flying Clamp (£54.99 / $69.99 / €59.99). Also arriving in September, the metal clamp will make your setup that more lifelike and ensure proper ergonomics.

All of the gear is available for pre-order now.