TikTok's new anti-bullying tool lets users mass-delete comments

Creators can also block multiple accounts at the same time.

Mike Blake / reuters

After it recently added comment filtering, TikTok is introducing more features to reduce bullying and harassment. Starting today in select markets, the company will allow creators to delete comments and block accounts in bulk, up to 100 at a time.

"To manage interactions on a video, people can long-press on a comment or tap the pencil icon in the upper left corner to open a window of options. From there, people can now select up to 100 comments or accounts rather than having to go one by one, making it more seamless to delete or report multiple comments or block users in bulk," the company wrote.

TikTok's latest anti-bullying tools let you remove comments in bulk

The move is the latest in TikTok's efforts to combat bullying, after reports indicated that it was a widespread problem with teens on the platform. On top of allowing users to approve comments before they posted, it added prompts urging users to reconsider before publishing unkind comments. It also added restrictions on DMs, comments and more for users aged 13-17, along with a bullying prevention guide .

Other sites like Instagram and Twitter have added comment filtering and other anti-bullying tools as well. All these measures are being implemented amid reports that cyberbullying among teens has markedly increased as the COVID-19 pandemic as boosted teen screen times.