TikTok's deadline for a sale has moved to December 4th

The Treasury department said it delayed the TikTok ban so it can review a revised submission for a potential deal.

Remember that deadline the Trump Administration imposed for TikTok to either sell or face being shut down in the US? It already shifted back to the 27th — after TikTok complained the government wasn’t responding to inquiries — and it’s now moved again. Bloomberg and Reuters report that TikTok mentioned a new date in recent court filings, saying a seven day extension has given it until December 4th.

A Treasure spokesperson told Bloomberg that the delay is so that it can review a submission by the company to the Committee on Foreign Investment (CFIUS). That’s apart from the various legal challenges TikTok and some influencers on the platform have raised to keep proposed bans from going into effect, and with a new administration drawing closer, it’s unclear whether they ever will.