Amazon's one-day sale knocks up to 30 percent off 2022 Tile trackers

The latest Tile Mate has dropped to a record low of $19.


Tile Bluetooth trackers were some of the many small gadgets on sale last week for Black Friday, but you have another chance to grab some of the latest models for less today. Whereas the previous sale focused on multi-packs, this one-day deal knocks up to 30 percent off individual Tile trackers. The classic 2022 Tile Mate is 24 percent off, bringing it down to $19, while the Tile Slim is down to $28 and the Tile Sticker is on sale for $23.

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These small devices let you keep track of things like your keys, wallet, backpack, water bottle and more using your the Tile network and your smartphone. In addition to making the Tile ring so you can more easily find your stuff, you can also digitally add your contact information to the Tile, allowing anyone who finds your belongings to contact you by scanning the QR code on the tracker. The 2022 models improve on the previous versions with a wider, 250-foot finding range, IP67 water-resistant designs and louder rings.

All but one of the latest Tiles have a three-year, non-replaceable battery. The Tile Pro, which is also included in this sale and is down to $27, has a one-year replaceable battery, making it the better option for those who don't want to buy a whole new tracker once the battery runs out. The Tile Pro also has a 400-foot finding range, the widest of them all, and the loudest ring, too. If someone you know is constantly misplacing their things, this sale is a good opportunity to pick up a stocking stuffer for them that they'll actually use regularly.

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