Tile trackers are up to 30 percent off in an Amazon one-day sale

A couple of bundles have hit all-time-low prices.


Tile trackers are among the many, many products that are on sale this Black Friday, and some of the bundles have hit all-time-low prices. The Performance Pack, which includes one Tile Pro and one Tile Slim (the credit-card sized one), has dropped from $60 to $42.

Buy Tile Performance Pack at Amazon - $42

The Pro Essentials bundle is also currently at the lowest price we've seen for it. For $70 (regularly $100), you'll get two Tile Pros, a Tile Slim and a Tile Sticker.

Buy Tile Pro Essentials at Amazon - $70

It's worth noting that the packs include the 2020 versions of the products, not the latest, more powerful versions Tile announced in October. The 2020 Sticker has a 150-foot range. Slim has a 200-foot range, and Pro has double that. Sticker and Slim are waterproof, and Pro is water resistant (and has the loudest ring). Each has a three-year battery life, though the Pro's battery is replaceable.

Some of the latest Tiles are on sale too. A two-pack of the 2022 Tile Mate is down from $48 to $35, while you can save $15 on a two-pack of the 2022 Tile Sticker. That bundle is currently $40.

Tile devices are Bluetooth trackers designed to help you find misplaced items. There's a crowdsourcing function that lets Tile other users ping the location of a tracker that's out of your own Bluetooth range, a setup that's become more commonplace in other trackers, like Apple AirTags.

If you're interested in picking up these products at these prices, you might need to move swiftly. These are one-day-only deals.

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