Tweet scheduling comes to

The website can now also save drafts for you.


You don’t need to use Tweetdeck or any other third-party app to schedule tweets anymore: The social network now lets you schedule tweets right from its website. Twitter has been experimenting with the feature since last year and started giving select users access to it in early May. Now that the feature has rolled out to the public, you’ll notice a calendar icon at the bottom of the tweet composer right next to the emoji button when you visit the website.

If you want to post at a later time, simply tap or click that icon instead of the Tweet button. You’ll be able to choose a publishing date and time in the panel that pops up, and you’ll also be able to see a list of all your scheduled tweets. In the same window, you’ll find another column marked as “Drafts.” See, Twitter has also launched the capability to save drafts from within its website in case you want to write out some tweet ideas that need some fine-tuning or fact-checking first.

To save a draft, simply attempt to exit the composer by clicking X at the top left corner to see a prompt. Take note, however, that drafts saved on desktop or mobile web will not sync with Twitter’s apps — you’ll be able to access them via desktop or mobile web only.