Twitter's subscription service might cost $3 per month

Twitter Blue would let you undo tweets and save tweets in collections.

Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Twitter's expected subscription service might have a name and a price. Code sleuth Jane Manchun Wong says she has found resources suggesting the service will be called Blue and start at $3 per month. Your outlay would get you a handful of previously leaked features, including Undo Tweets and Collections that let you organize saved posts.

The service may include multiple tiers that deliver extra features, Wong added. She suggested the more expensive option might include a clutter-free reading interface from Twitter's recent Scroll acquisition.

Twitter declined to comment to Engadget.

If accurate, the strategy wouldn't be surprising.Twitter would set a relatively low price to court as many enthusiasts as possible, but entice the most devoted fans willing to pay more. Along with Tip Jar, Blue would be part of a broader effort to reduce Twitter's dependence on ads and steady its income. Whether or not it works is another matter, of course — many are used to Twitter being free, and there's no certainty that even frequent users will pay to upgrade their social network experience.