All Twitter bot accounts can now include a label to show they're automated

The company says the label will help other users figure out which accounts to follow and interact with.

Twitter bot account label (Twitter)

Starting today, everyone who is running a bot account on Twitter can add a label to make it clear the tweets are automated. The company started testing the label in September and is now rolling it out globally.

Some bot accounts focus on things like emoji mashups, breaking news and weather updates. Twitter says the label will provide users with more details about a bot account and its purpose. That, Twitter suggests, will help folks decide which accounts to follow and engage with, while perhaps adding a layer of trust and transparency.

The company announced in 2020 that all "high-quality" bot accounts would need to make it clear they weren't manually being run by someone. Under that rule, operators of certain bot accounts need to state that they're automated and display the name of the person behind them.