Twitter's extended NFL deal adds live Spaces chats with players

You'll get considerably more than just highlight videos.

REUTERS/Brian Snyder

Twitter has once again renewed its deal with the NFL, and this time there's more than just video shows and Moments to keep football fans happy. The newly announced multi-year extension includes a commitment to produce over 20 live Spaces audio chats for the 2021 season. You'll hear players and "other NFL talent" discuss regular season matches as well as major events like the draft and Super Bowl.

The new agreement also includes new highlights and more polls. You can also expect familiar experiences that include on-the-field coverage and Moments.

This could be welcome news if you want to follow football on Twitter in between games, not just during or after matches.

It may be particularly important for Twitter, too. This is the social network's first sports league of any kind to produce sponsored Spaces — the feature just got significant boosts to both its credibility and revenue. It also helps Twitter compete against Clubhouse, which unveiled its NFL deal in April. Don't be surprised if Twitter rushes to land Spaces deals with other leagues, especially if Clubhouse becomes more of a threat.

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