Twitter is reportedly raising Blue subscription's pricing on iOS to $11

But it will give users the option to pay through the web for only $7 a month, 'The Information' says.

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NurPhoto via Getty Images

When Twitter's Blue subscription comes back, it may cost a lot more than before if you purchase it straight from the app. According to The Information, the company informed some employees that it's going to charge users $11 for Blue subscription if they pay through its iOS application. But if they pay through the web, it will only cost them $7 a month for the service, which includes getting the website's blue verification badge. As the publication notes, the change in pricing likely takes Apple's 30 percent commission for payments made through its system into account.

In late November, Twitter owner Elon Musk spoke out against Apple's 30 percent cut on in-app purchases. He also said that the tech giant threatened to withhold Twitter from its App Store and won't tell his company why. A few days later, though, Musk met with Apple chief Tim Cook and resolved what the former called a "misunderstanding." Musk said the two had a "good conversation" and that Apple never truly considered dropping Twitter from the App Store.

Apple announced in late 2021 that it was going to allow developers of "reader" apps to link to external payment systems following a barrage of criticisms against its practice of taking a 30 percent commission. It's unclear if the two executives talked about Twitter's plan to offer Blue subscription outside of the App Store and how the social network would implement its idea.

Twitter originally launched Blue verification for iOS devices in early November for $8 a month, but the company decided to pause the service after it led to an influx of impersonators and fake accounts. When the subscription service does come back, it will come with different colored checkmarks: gold for companies, grey for government and blue for individuals, whether or not they're a public figure.