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Twitter will make it easier to discover and listen to audio Spaces

It's also working on new tools for creators.

twitter will allow users to record and replay conversations in Spaces.
Karissa Bell
Karissa Bell|@karissabe|September 23, 2021 2:07 PM

Twitter will soon make Spaces even more prominent in its app as it looks to add more creator-focused tools to the live audio feature. The company says it’s working on making conversations in Spaces easier to discover, and will begin to feature more Spaces at the top of users’ timelines.

It’s also working on a dedicated tab for the feature, where users can browse recommendations and upcoming Spaces. And it plans to add recording and playback features so users can listen to conversations after they have already ended. The company is also adding new ways for creators to monetize Spaces. In addition to Ticketed Spaces, which began rolling out in August, Twitter plans to start a dedicated fund for Spaces hosts. The program would provide “ financial, technical and marketing support” to “emerging audio creators” who frequently host Spaces, according to the company. 

Twitter is making it easier for creators to track their earnings.

Twitter didn’t provide many details about how this program would work or how it will select creators to participate. But it’s yet another sign of how focused the company is on its live audio features. Even as rival Clubhouse has fallen in popularity in recent months, Twitter sees Spaces as a key part of its strategy to build monetization features for its users.

The company also previewed a new dashboard that would allow creators to keep tabs on their earnings from Spaces. Twitter also expanded its tipping features to include Bitcoin payments and said that all users will be able to send and receive tips on the platform.

Twitter will test a new

Elsewhere, Twitter says it plans to test a new feature that could help further minimize harassment or “unhealthy” conversations on the platform. Called “heads up.” The feature would provide “more context about a conversation’s vibes” before you jump in and start tweeting, said Twitter’s lead for conversational safety, Christine Su. She added that the feature would empower users to have more control over their interactions on Twitter much like the platform’s new features for managing replies and the new “safety mode.” The heads up feature will be “coming soon.”

Twitter will make it easier to discover and listen to audio Spaces