Uber can now deliver prescriptions in Seattle and Dallas

The company is expanding its Uber Health business.

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Mario Tama via Getty Images

Uber is now able to deliver prescriptions in two cities. The company is expanding its Uber Health business to include medicine delivery in Seattle and Dallas, and plans to bring the service to more US cities “in the coming months.”

Uber Health launched in 2018 to help healthcare providers arrange rides for patients and their caregivers. With its expansion into prescription delivery, that service can help patients get their medicines on time as well. In order to complete the deliveries, Uber is partnering with pharmacy delivery service NimbleRx, which will connect pharmacies to Uber drivers via Uber Direct.

Uber says the service will be particularly useful now, during the coronavirus pandemic, when many people may be unable to travel to their local pharmacy safely. Uber has also previously experimented with delivery of over-the-counter medications in New York.

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