Uber built a tool to help its drivers find work at other companies

It's another attempt to help drivers impacted by COVID-19.

Nisian Hughes via Getty Images

Uber recognizes that its drivers are facing major work shortages, as fewer people travel via rideshare during the pandemic. The company is already offering 14 days of financial assistance to drivers diagnosed with COVID-19, and it fought for its gig workforce to receive federal stimulus money. Now, it’s taking another step. Today, Uber launched Work Hub to connect drivers in the US with additional employment opportunities.

Work Hub will include job postings outside of Uber. It’s partnering with Domino’s, Target’s delivery service Shipt and CareGuide. Uber says it will share openings at companies like McDonald's, FedEx, UPS, Pepsi, Hertz and Walgreens. Drivers can access Work Hub through the Uber Driver app.

Uber's Work Hub will connect drivers with job openings at other companies.

In select cities -- Chicago, Dallas and Miami, for now -- Uber Works will connect drivers with shift work like food production, warehouse and customer service. Uber Freight is providing priority eligibility screening for drivers with a Class A Commercial Driver’s License, and Uber is encouraging drivers in the US to accept UberEats requests if the service is available where they live. While Work Hub is only available in the US, Uber says it is partnering with the online retailer Ocado to help UK drivers find work too.

According to Reuters, drivers say their income has dropped by as much as 80 percent, and many have stopped driving over fears of getting sick. Work Hub should help some Uber drivers, but there’s a good chance that for most, it won’t be enough.

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