Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six series heads to mobile later this year

Fans can sign up to test the game.


Rainbow Six is coming to phones and tablets. On Tuesday, Ubisoft announced Rainbow Six Mobile, a new entry in its long-running first-person shooter franchise that will be exclusive to Android and iOS devices. Set to come out later this year with Ubisoft’s Montreal studio leading development, the company says the free-to-play release will bring the “true” Rainbow Six Siege experience to mobile. Expect five-on-five matches with your team taking turns to play both offense and defense. As with Siege, you’ll need to use the specific weapons, gadgets and skills available to your operator to win.

A screenshot showing Rainbow Six Mobile's user interface

Ubisoft Montreal says it has tweaked the game to make matches shorter, but players can look forward to classic Rainbow Six Siege maps, including Bank and Border, making a return. The same goes for game modes like Secure Area and Bomb. Starting today, players can sign up to take part in a series of upcoming tests Ubisoft plans to hold before the game becomes widely available later this year.