USA Basketball is recruiting for a national esports team

Thirty top NBA 2K gamers have accepted the invitation for the organization's virtual tryouts.

USA Basketball

USA Basketball is making its first foray into esports. The organization is forming an E-National Team, and it has invited 30 top NBA 2K players to participate in its virtual tryouts on November 7th and 8th. Participants will vie for a spot on the mixed-gender seven-player national team, which will represent the US at the second FIBA Esports Open. In particular, the team will play in the North and Central American Conference on December 19th and 20th. The US didn’t participate in the first FIBA Esports Open in June.

A panel consisting of basketball coaches and managers, as well as an NBA 2K League community ambassador, will make its pick after seeing the participants play. The organization is treating the event like any other USA Basketball team trials. It’s dividing the 30 players into six different teams for the first round of tryouts and will have them play a round-robin type of tournament. To make sure they can see the extent of what the gamers can do, panelists can change teams and mix them up to have the players compete with and against each other. The final selection will be made up of five starters and two reserves, all of whom will have to be 16 or older, be an American citizen and have a minimum My Career Character rating of 95.

The national team will compete remotely in December on NBA 2K21 using the Pro-Am mode. You’ll be able to watch the conference live on FIBA’s YouTube, Twitch and Facebook channels.