'Monument Valley' studio's next game is a Netflix mobile exclusive

The sporty roguelike 'Desta' arrives later this year.


You'll need a streaming subscription if you want to try ustwo's upcoming Desta: The Memories Between. The Monument Valley developer has announced that its turn-based, sports-influenced roguelike will be a Netflix exclusive on mobile when it debuts sometime later this year. The game is coming to other platforms, but Netflix is promising that there will be no in-app purchases or "extra fees" in its version.

Desta revolves around a twentysomething who returns home after their dad's death. You help them deal with their past in dreams and reality by solving puzzles and talking to the people they left behind. As you might have guessed, the hybrid mechanics promise a considerably more varied experience than in titles like Monument Valley — ustwo is borrowing cues from games like Hades and Into the Breach.

The exclusive further signals Netflix's commitment to gaming. While it's clearly serious about games with show tie-ins and a rapidly growing catalog, it's increasingly courting major mobile developers like ustwo. In that regard, Netflix is competing as much with Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass as it is Amazon and Disney — it's hoping to reel in customers willing to pay a flat fee for access to a library of quality games without surprise costs.

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