Viz Media makes 'Sailor Moon' and other anime classics available for free on YouTube

The company also uploaded the Japanese audio versions of "Death Note," "Naruto" and "Hunter X Hunter."

Viz Media/Sailor Moon

Here's something to occupy your weekend if you're an anime fan. Viz Media has uploaded some of the most well-known anime series out there to YouTube and made them available to stream for free. You can now find shows such as Sailor Moon — the old series that aired in the 90s, not the remake, Sailor Moon CrystalNaruto, Death Note, Inuyasha and Hunter X Hunter on the publisher's account. From what we can see, Viz has organized the episodes into playlists, which should make binge watching them easier.

The episodes are punctuated with ads, though you've probably already expected that for free content. Also, they're not visible in some regions, so you may have to use a VPN, depending on where you are. Take note that Viz uploaded the Japanese audio versions of the shows with English subtitles, and they haven't been remastered to fit modern aspect ratios. This is a great chance to enjoy older shows that may not be readily available on streaming services, though, especially if you're feeling nostalgic or were too young to watch them when they first aired.

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