Vizio's rotating Dolby Atmos soundbar is now available for $1,000

The Elevate Sound Bar first emerged at CES this year.


All the way back at CES, Vizio showed off a premium soundbar with channels that rotate upwards whenever it’s outputting Dolby Atmos and DTS:X encoded audio. Those speakers can blast audio off your ceiling to bolster height effects and they’ll point forwards during stereo or 5.1 playback. The Elevate Sound Bar caught our attention in January, and almost nine months later, you can finally get your hands on it.

Vizio packed 18 speakers into the 5.1.4-channel system, which includes a wireless eight-inch subwoofer you can place elsewhere in your room, along with a pair of satellite surround speakers. Elevate offers the same features as the rest of Vizio’s new soundbars, such as Chromecast and Bluetooth support, voice assistant input and two HDMI ports. The soundbar will work with any TV, though Vizio says it docks seamlessly with its latest 55-inch and 65-inch OLED TVs.

At $1,000, the Elevate system isn’t exactly on the budget end of soundbar options, and we’re seeing more and more models that support Dolby Atmos audio. However, the rotating speaker system is certainly intriguing, and it might be worth a look if you’re considering a home theater upgrade.